Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on April 13, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
275 Small_arrow_up434 Anterviews
195 Small_arrow_up421 Time4house's Podcast
375 Small_arrow_up383 DJ Magnus Podcasts
466 Small_arrow_up306 STOP BEEFIN RADIO
339 Small_arrow_up299 DJ ARCH Soulful House Sessions
495 Small_arrow_up297 STUART OJELAY [Worldwide HED KANDI Resident DJ]...
492 Small_arrow_up281 El Sooper PODCAST!!
464 Small_arrow_up271 Chroniques de la vieille Europe
270 Small_arrow_up269 ABE KANAN: ON HOLD
461 Small_arrow_up252 The House Music Jet Podcast
429 Small_arrow_up249 Josepedro Manglano
491 Small_arrow_up248 こどもと英語で話そう!
353 Small_arrow_up246 Oscar G. Chávez Podcast
370 Small_arrow_up242 21st Century Soul
443 Small_arrow_up241 So Soulful (DJ Jai) Saturday Soul Sessions 12-3...
478 Small_arrow_up238 Chicago Bulls Zone
253 Small_arrow_up226 Pedro Gonzalez Silva's Podcast
309 Small_arrow_up216 The SocaMeltdown Show podcast
406 Small_arrow_up214 The Cool Jazz Countdown
385 Small_arrow_up208 Harvest Church's Podcast
298 Small_arrow_up207 Helicopter Training Online Ground School Podcast
485 Small_arrow_up206 DJ Jaycee presents EARGASMS!!
155 Small_arrow_up199 Soulsorts
235 Small_arrow_up190 ROCK AND/OR ROLL
363 Small_arrow_up186 History Today Podcast
446 Small_arrow_up184 Iniversal Sounds podcast
441 Small_arrow_up181 Men of Valor Program
205 Small_arrow_up180 Funky Vocal House Sessions
394 Small_arrow_up173 Hotel Arizona en Radio Enlace
257 Small_arrow_up171 hinosdefutebol's podcast
217 Small_arrow_up169 No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman
70 Small_arrow_up168 Ralphi Rosario Archives Podcast
220 Small_arrow_up168 djspinna's Podcast
315 Small_arrow_up167 Erotica World
403 Small_arrow_up165 Calvary Christian Church
276 Small_arrow_up164 Tales From The Deep with DJ Chris Fx
420 Small_arrow_up164 Techlandia Podcast
280 Small_arrow_up158 Gerard Frank Long's podcasts
97 Small_arrow_up155 Straight from the Underground 2.0 Podcast
416 Small_arrow_up154 The Saturday Soulmine 12-2pm UK
340 Small_arrow_up153 Der Gottes-Podcast
444 Small_arrow_up147 Mark Mendoza Podcast
459 Small_arrow_up145 FBC Moss Bluff Podcast
277 Small_arrow_up139 Worldwyde Sound
411 Small_arrow_up134 SUBLIMINALone's Podcast
472 Small_arrow_up134 wayneg's Podcast
373 Small_arrow_up133 On The Tropes
438 Small_arrow_up133 The Dragget Show
484 Small_arrow_up130 Less Conversation's Podcast
209 Small_arrow_up125 DJ Row Presents Trancegressive Vibes Podcast

55x55_9020717 PLAY An Exorcism in Hackney
Podcast: History Today Podcast
From: History Today
Duration: 13 min. 20 sec.
55x55_9255408 PLAY ANGELITO MIO (Hearthrob-Freestyl...
Duration: 57 min. 44 sec.
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55x55_9397592 PLAY Mixed Emotions V18 // Nick Fernandez
Podcast: Mixed Emotions Music
From: Nick Fernandez
Plays: 28,636 (Audio)
55x55_9223919 PLAY Mixed Emotions V17 // Nick Fernandez
Podcast: Mixed Emotions Music
From: Nick Fernandez
Plays: 27,944 (Audio)
55x55_626422 PLAY COLCHON
From: player rel
Plays: 5,941 (Audio)
55x55-2479x2479+0+72_9351605 PLAY N E V E R H O M E 'Session Three'
Podcast: The Dirty Sessions Podcast
From: Caleb G
Plays: 5,185 (Audio)
55x55_9198097 PLAY House Flavours - Episode Three
Podcast: House Flavours Radio Podcast
From: Kepler Records
Plays: 5,079 (Audio)
55x55_9373956 PLAY Zog4TheWin
From: DJ ZOG
Plays: 3,972 (Audio)

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